Employment And Revenue Opportunities In Zimbabwe

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  • Africa has the highest usage rates (11.4%) out of any region globally, but is well behind North America and Europe in terms of deploying legal cannabis programs
  • With the African population projected to double by 2050 to over 2.5 billion people, African countries are looking for new opportunities to increase employment and drive economic growth
  • A recent analysis of the Zimbabwean economy shows that by deploying a medical and industrial cannabis program, there is potential to create between 60k and 90k new jobs in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors and drive significant economic activity
  • By enabling medical and industrial cultivation, processing and exports, Zimbabwean cannabis businesses can generate in excess of USD $300 million in revenues, even with a modest (50,000 hectares) cultivation within five years of deployment
  • While a major exporter of tobacco worldwide, Zimbabwe is at risk of declining agricultural output and displaced workers due to decreased demand for tobacco. Cannabis can offer a potential solution to those who have been displaced in the tobacco industry.

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