Accenture PLC (NYSE: ACN): Yearly Outlook And Performance Review

Accenture PLC (NYSE: ACN): Yearly Outlook And Performance Review

Stock markets in 2020 have been distraught and wary. The corona pandemic hit the markets badly, which caused a lot of people to lose money this year. Investors are now cautious about where to put their money in and which companies to invest in.

If you are someone who is looking to invest, Accenture PLC (NYSE:ACN) is a company you might want to consider.

A well-versatile company, Accenture PLC (NYSE:ACN) has a lot to offer. Offering both consulting, management and learning services, Accenture PLC has performed reasonably well at the stock exchange in the last one year or so and wasn’t hit as adversely by the corona pandemic as most other companies were.

Accenture PLC (NYSE: ACN): Performance Review

Accenture has pleased investors in the last 2-3 years or so. If we look at its past one year performance, we will automatically realize that it is a company worth your time and investment.

There are many reasons why you should invest in Accenture. First, the reason why you should invest in Accenture PLC (NYSE:ACN) is that it has a range of services to offer which means that even if one or two parts of its business is/are affected, the company won’t cripple down. Secondly, the company has a large pool of employees and a high global outreach, which shows its strength and firm establishment. Thirdly, amongst competition, Accenture is very well-grounded and a company that offers sub-par services in a very competitive market and industry, which makes it excel in most grounds.

Accenture offers services that compete with an edge and those that ‘never really go out of fashion’ which ensures that its business will never wear down. This also makes it a long withstanding company with well-grounded and firm roots. Such companies always have a lot to offer and always make a good choice of investment for they offer stability and diversity.

Overall, Accenture has held itself in high grounds in the last many years and maintained its sustenance despite restraints, especially during the corona pandemic where most companies failed to compete. At the moment, Accenture is excelling and is keeping itself put in a time where there is fierce competition and where it is leading by a motive to help people deal with innovation and timely challenges across the globe, which automatically gives it a competitive edge.

Accenture PLC (NYSE:ACN): Details, Numbers And Figures

As far as Accenture PLC’s details at the stock market are concerned, then Accenture PLC, as of October 9, 2020, opened at $225.86 at the stock market. A high-cap stock, Accenture hit $229.09 (it’s highest) on October 9 and $225.80, which was its lowest. Showing very less variation in its stock, Accenture stock proves to be stable and therefore, worthy of concern.

Furthermore, Accenture exhibited a trading volume of $1.31 million, an average volume of 2.23 million and a market cap of $145.49 billion, which are very decent figures. Its P/E ratio of 28.36 shows that the company stock is very reasonable. The company has a significant share in the market, especially if we look at other companies in its league and it has traded consistently at the stock exchange which proves that it is sound and reasonable.

Looking at Accenture PLC’s (NYSE:ACN) yearly performance, Accenture started the year (a year from the current date) at $183.83 (on October 10, 2019) and stood at $228.69 on October 9th, 2020, which is a strong and consistent performance in a year. Accenture has managed to stay in green while other stocks declined. Accenture faced a decline between February 2020 to June 2020 in the corona upset but soon recovered.

Furthermore, in a look ahead of and for Accenture stock, we can say that since Accenture provides management and technology consulting services and solutions, it is a reasonably fair bet because neither these services nor these industries are not going anywhere, which give Accenture a permanent advantage.

Accenture provides a range of services, facilities, capabilities and solutions to clients across the globe including outsourcing, alliances, technology and consulting. Since it is not specific to one domain, such companies always go a long way in the market, again raising the bar and favor in Accenture’s growth and outlook.

Accenture PLC (NYSE:ACN): A Look Ahead

What has contributed to Accenture’s growth in recent times and will is a rise in industrial growth and a rise in demand for consulting and services because of endangered business activity and a decline in professional services because of the corona upset. Accenture held ground by its consulting and momentum which helped it gain a lot in the stock market.

In 2020, Accenture benefitted from providing advice and consulting services to companies across the globe. It also benefitted from the different range of services that it provides. Accenture is a company that facilitates learning and has a lot to offer to businesses to help them gain. Thus, Accenture stock has managed to stay stable and in green in 2020 and will in the next few years or so.

Accenture also facilitated money in cloud investment this year and its recruitment drive in 2020 is one of the most long awaited recruitment drives of the year. The company also made a few important acquisitions in 2020, such as that of Avenai, which added greatly to its portfolio. Moreover, the company’s hands will be busy in the coming few years as markets come back to normal. By offering advice for 40 different industries, Accenture PLC offers the largest Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers. The company is well established and is serving clients in over 120 countries. It brings innovation to help clients improve their performance and for enterprises to offer long lasting values and businesses. Accenture PLC focuses on the public sector market and is worth your investment in 2020.




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