Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC): Yearly Performance, Outlook And Review

Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC): Yearly Performance, Outlook And Review

Intel Corp (NASDAQ: INTC) is a very well-known and reputed company. Though it faces extreme competition from other tech giants, it has always managed to hold firm ground, which shows its true strength, worth and rigor. It also shows the fact as to how adaptable the company is to modern times and its true commitment to delivering up to par products, solutions and excellence to clients across the globe.

With its stock priced at $53.88  at the stock market today, Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC) has worked hard to put itself together in fierce competition and has managed to stay consistent in stock performance in the past one year or so despite certain climbs and falls. In the last 12 months, Intel stock experienced less variation. If we look at its price a year ago, Intel stock was priced at $51.11 (as of October 9th, 2019). This practically shows that Intel has had literally zero to no variation in its stock in a year which again is a nice just in its own might altogether. Moreover, Intel started the year on a steady note this year but fell during the corona pandemic.  The drops were, however, insignificant, which again gives one all the more reason to buy Intel stock and invest in the company today.

Moreover, Intel Corp’s growth can be attributed to the rise in demand of PCs, the company’s cloud experiments and diversifications, its 5G investments, its 3D NAND solutions, its FAB 42 solution and many other important factors.

In the last one year or so, the highest value Intel’s stock reached was $68.47 and the lowest was $44.61. Today, its stock stands at $53.37. Intel stock is measurable and worthy of purchase. Furthermore, the fact that Intel is a large cap stock with a reasonable stock price gives its stock a ‘buy’ status automatically.

Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC) Past Year Performance Analysis

Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC) is priced at $53.88 today. The company has a 52-week range between $43.63 to $69.29, which shows that the company stock is not a bad purchase. Intel has a volume of 23,294,215, which is high and an average volume of 34,392,395, which is quite significant as well. Intel’s market cap today is of 224.643B, showing that it holds a significant share in the market, an EPS of 5.44, which show that it pays its stock holders well and a reasonable PE ratio (TTM) of 9.70.

What these figures mean for Intel Corp is that Intel is a sound company with a lot to boast. With a large market capitalization, its stock is reasonable and can be brought affordably, which adds to its worth and rise. Furthermore, Intel has well-established roots and its large product base shows that it is a company worth your time and investment.

While Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC) faces tough competition, it is keeping up. There are certain prominent factors that have added to Intel’s growth. First, because of the corona upset, a lot of people were working from home so a lot of PC’s with Intel’s chips and manufactures were bought this year. Furthermore, Intel increased the production of its 10th generation Comet Lake Chips and Core i3-10100F’s, based on the 14nm process which again added to its growth. As these products are highly affordable, they add to its output, growth and respectively value and worth as well. Most of what Intel offers today is affordable which has added to its revenue streams.

Another major reason for Intel’s success is its 7nm chips. Intel has a lot of competition to deal with but with its varied offerings, Intel is keeping up and therefore, staying put.

Intel also gained because of its 10nm chips. Intel is on the competing end today as it is using AI and other technologies to improve its chips, which gives it a competitive advantage and bigger share in the market.

Overall, Intel is a company worth your time and investment for its products are stable, reliable and much in demand. It has a large database of products to offer so that adds to its advantage. Intel does make a good investment in 2020.

Intel Corp, A Look Ahead

If we look at Intel Corp (NASDAQ: INTC) ahead, we shouldn’t lose hope. What investors should be looking at in 2020 are Intel’s Tiger Lake chips, which are already off to a good start. These chips will be set into more than 150 laptop designs which is a high number. Furthermore, HP, Dell and ASUS will be using these chips so there is a lot coming up for Intel. Intel has ramped up its production for 14nm production to meet high demands and of its BPC products as well which will keep the company going in high and consistent momentum in the next few years or so.

Overall, to say and conclude, Intel has had a favorable growth outlook and a decent dividend yield. There is a lot of business coming up for Intel so the company will be busy and busy means a lot of growth potential, provident yields and revenues. Intel stock is a buy and a must keep in your investor baskets.



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