Singapore will launch cruise services that will not stop anywhere

Singapore will launch cruise services that will not stop anywhere

We have heard of very bizarre as well as fascinating things in the world of business and there is stuff people do that intrigues a whole lot of people. Today, we are going to tell you about Singapore and its plans to resume cruise services inside the country. Now, you would say that there is nothing strange in a country reopening their cruise services. But it is worth noting that the pandemic is not under control so it is still risky. However, that is not the part that is strange and why we are telling you this.

The part we are focusing right now is the fact that Singapore is resuming cruise services with the condition that the cruises will not be stopping anywhere in order to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members. Now, the whole purpose of a cruise ship is to take you from one place to another and dock at harbours so that you can enjoy those surroundings and then come back to the cruise to spend the rest of the days.

But Singapore’s cruise services will not stop at any harbour and that it will return and stop at only the place where it started from. Singapore is clearly trying to revive its tourism and travel industry and this is their idea to do something innovative. They have also mentioned that cruises will run at a “reduced capacity of up to 50 per cent,”

Singapore Tourism Board has also mentioned that “Public health and safety are our utmost priority as we reopen various sectors of the economy in a gradual and safe manner,”. They say that “This cruise pilot is a valuable opportunity for cruise operators to reinvent the entire cruise experience in order to regain the confidence of passengers,” and that it will start from November.


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