Twitter and Facebook suspend multiple accounts over misleading content related to U.S. Presidential elections

Twitter and Facebook suspend multiple accounts over misleading content related to U.S. Presidential elections

Operator of microblogging site Twitter Inc. (TWTR) and world’s largest social network Facebook Inc. (FB) separately reported that they have taken strict actions against several newly created accounts for posting content related to U.S. Presidential elections. The two companies said they banned the accounts for violating their regulations.

Twitter said in a statement that the accounts were suspended for breaching its regulations against coordination by tweeting identical posts while appearing independent. The company added that some of those were engaged in covertly automated behavior.

SVNewsAlerts was one of the suspended accounts. It had over 78k followers on the network, out of which, over 10k were added just during the past week. The account was regularly warning about election-related unrest through multiple tweets and underlined safety and reliability issues related to voting. It also referred to fraud claims regarding Democrats.

Some of the other suspended accounts on the microblogging network include FJNewsReporter, Faytuks, and Crisis_Intel. These accounts were urging readers to follow others.

On the other hand, Facebook also banned multiple pages on its network including SV News and FJ News over inappropriate behavior. Some of the suspended accounts by the social network giant were closely followed by Russian media, which was accused of interfering in the previous U.S. Presidential elections.

Misleading and exaggerated news related to ongoing elections keep surfacing throughout the elections, despite strict actions from social media companies to eliminate the false information. In some cases, official Republican accounts helped in spreading certain exaggerated content related to the polls.

Many people across the U.S received automated calls, urging them to stay home. Following which, FBI said it is looking into the matter.

Twitter (TWTR) shares have plummeted more than 18 percent over the past five days, while Facebook (FB) shares stayed relatively flat over the same period. The two companies have faced heavy criticism in the past for not taking enough measures to curb the spread of false information on their networks.


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