Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS): Performance, Review, Outlook And What’s Ahead

Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS): Performance, Review, Outlook And What’s Ahead

Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS) is a company that most people are well known to. With its stock priced at $129.79 at the stock exchange today, Walt Disney Co (DIS) annual performance shows that the company experienced some volatility and decline but managed to stay stable in the last one year or so. Furthermore, the company has also offered stability, especially if we keep the nature of the company’s business in mind and the corona pandemic and shutdown. An acute picture of the company stock reveals that Walt Disney Co (DIS) is still standing on firm ground today, which makes it a company worth your time and investment.

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS): Past Year Performance Review

Many factors have contributed to the rise and stability of Walt Disney Co (DIS) stock. While Walt Disney Co had to experience upsets because of and in the corona pandemic, Disney stock soon recovered as soon as things started going back to normal.

If we look at the company’s past performance, we can say that one of the most affected businesses of Walt Disney Co was its Entertainment industry, which brings in most of its business. Entertainment industries in particular were shut off because of the corona upset and the call for social distancing this year, which made companies like Disney suffer. However, these factors are external and though they affected Disney’s business, they still didn’t reflect as adversely on the company’s business and profile in general because Disney’s profile is not limited to a particular niche and therefore, the company holds itself on steady ground today.

Moreover, even if the company’s stocks declined between February to April between the corona pandemic, investors bought Disney’s shares at a lower price which kept Walt Disney’s momentum going. After declining in the corona pandemic, Walt Disney Co (DIS) stocks rose and now stand at $124.79. Disney has a volume of 10,958, 228 and a market cap of 225.829 billion. Its 52 week range has been 79.07 to 153.41 and it has a day range of 123.73-125.94. Overall, Disney stands in high remark today.

Talking about Walt Disney Co (DIS) consistency, what we can say is that Disney restructured its entertainment business which has added greatly to its worth. Furthermore, the release and launch of many of its films on Disney+, especially the ones with Pixar, and a change in management to keep up to date are obvious moves that Disney wants to maintain its league.

Walt Disney Co is also trying hard to keep its finances under control. It is making sure that it keeps up as the second wave of corona passes and things go back to normal. Furthermore, Walt Disney Co benefitted from a rise in the number of times people watched movies at home as they were stuck at home because of the covid upset. Walt Disney gained some and lost some, only to settle at a decent level in 2020 today.

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS): What Is Ahead

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) is about to make some very interesting decisions that will change its business and outlook for the better. Experts recommend buying Disney stock because of Disney+, its Box-office mastery, its theme park rules, the fact that its sports are back; the fact that its media networks are a steadying force, the Mandalorian Season 2, the fact that Disneyland will reopen soon, that Disney knows how to go shopping, that dividends will be back and that its major investments will pay off majorly for its business in the time to come.

Disney already is a big powerhouse and then its acquisitions, investments and existing businesses are a result and proof of the fact that there is a lot more to come from Disney. All of the factors above are going to bring major revenues and will help Disney climb up the top ladder further.

Furthermore, Walt Disney Co is a part of an industry that will never go out of fashion because it deals in services more than products. It will always have something new to offer. Disney will also have its cruises sailing off soon which is another reason to invest in the company today.

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) stock is a keeper and is a must watch in 2020, especially after things start going back to normal.










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